Fr 06.09.    
Einlass: 20:30
Beginn: 20:30 Uhr
If you have never been to Planet Grindus then you should definitely see this concert.
The „Superrocket 3000“ is on its mission to spread love, good vibes and good music throughout the universe and would like to take you on its journey into the vastness of space and time.
The band is playing the compositions by Sven Ziebarth, which are not to be categorized by any particular musical genre but are rather a fusion of the most diverse styles of music.
Spiced up by a synthesized retro sound, in his songs he effortlessly blends jazz with modern popular music, latin rhythms, soul music and even some elements of classical music.
„Through my music I want to universally express feelings and abstract ideas I cannot put in words. I want to touch the heart as well as the mind of the listener.“
This concert is not meant to be for the „hardcore jazz fan“ exclusively, but for everyone who is open to let themselves be taken on a journey to places where they might have never been before.
It will definitely be epic.

Sven Ziebarth: sax, ewi, vocoder
Richard Müller: e. Bass
Bernhard Ludescher: piano
Davide Incorvaia: synthesizers
David Huber: drums